We Can Help You Grow Your Business

Business Bookkeeping

Business Bookkeeping is really where it all begins for a small to medium sized business. But you know that and…We Do That, and we do it well. Gill CPA performs these day to day operations economically and allows owners and principals to work on their business rather than struggle with these tedious tasks. We handle:

  • Financial Statement Preparation (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Accounts Receivable System Advice
  • Accounts Payable System Advice

We are experienced in all phases of bookkeeping for your company.  Keeping reasonably accurate books gives you an excellent snapshot of your business, allowing for good business decision making, accurate tax preparations and is helpful in the development of sustainable plans for your future success.  Want that burden off your back?  That’s What We Do for our happy clients, everyday!

Tax Planning and Preparation

Tax preparation and developing the documentation for your returns, when you think about it really comes down to resourceful Tax Planning that happens before the end of the year.  At Gill CPA, we take pride in developing strategies to lower your tax liability and make it easy to sleep at night.  Our dedication to Continuing Education including the latest tax laws and modifications means your company taxes and planning are scrutinized before submission to the IRS.  Not after they inquire. 

We are experienced and provide these services for:

  • Corporations
  • LLC’s
  • Partnerships
  • Sole Proprietors
  • Non Profit organizations

We make sure you are properly prepared for and take full, legal advantage of:

  • Tax Credits and incentives
  • Compensation Planning
  • Sales Tax Planning
  • Gifting
  • Credits

The old saying goes, It is not what you make…It is what you keep.  Our team of professionals always make sure you are informed and prepared by providing a complete suite of business financial services.      

We provide tax preparation services for many clients in other states, including Illinois, Texas, Colorado, California, New York, Minnesota, Kentucky, Michigan and Florida! We can accommodate your state filing needs whether you are based in the St Louis area or another beautiful area of Missouri or the U.S.

Quickbooks Assistance

Soooo many of our customers keep track of their day-to-day operations using QuickBooks. And why not?  It’s great software! What we can tell you is that whether you are setting up your company right from Day 1 or getting it right after 15 years, NOW is the time to get your QuickBooks straight and performing for you. Gill CPA’s will provide Professional QuickBooks Consulting and Services to make sure your business runs smoothly and provides both of us with reports that make tax planning and tax preparation efficient and smart.

  • Do you use standalone software or are you using QuickBooks on line? 
  • Are you backing up?  Are you sure?  Offsite….?
  • Are you entering your data regularly or….at the end of the year?
  • Do you despise bookkeeping (like many of our favorite clients)? And one more….
  • What if you are considering a sale or merger??  Would it be worth minimal dollars to make sure your QuickBooks is up-to-date should an event like that present itself?

Getting QuickBooks right makes everything else run smoothly. You can sell, deliver, fulfill, build…Whatever your business, accurate accounting helps you operate your business. Gill CPA keeps your QuickBooks humming. Call us for a QuickBooks consultation. It’s free and no QuickBooks shaming!

Client Representation

Very very few businesses are subject to an IRS audit each year. But when it happens, when it affects you, you may feel like you are on an island and the world as you know it is closing in.  Was that really a business dinner last March? Trust…takes that feeling away.  Gill CPA’s professional advice, assistance and representation allows you to rest a little easier.  We have years of experience before the IRS. You can be confident that your interests are safeguarded.

Assistance with Tax Correspondence, Inquiries, Notices and Correspondence – These cannot be ignored.

Audit Assistance and Representation
While you may be smart enough, Gill CPA Services experience will help you  avoid the pitfalls and generally bring more favorable outcomes.  Now is not the time to make a mistake!  

Got Questions like….. Why Me?
Well, that’s exactly why we are here.  To get those answered, to allay your fears, and to get on with the business of business.

New Client Services

At Gill CPA Services, it is not our goal to instantly thrust you into a set suite of services, send you a bill and call it a day.  We need to find out about you, you’re businesses, and, if applicable, your personal financial situation.  Only then can we recommend how we can best serve you.   

Nearly any element of business accounting or service, We Do That. Nearly any element of personal accounting, tax prep, or putting you in touch with qualified professionals in other specialties, We Do That, too

Especially when it comes to money and finance, our relationships are built on trust, understanding, and a mutual respect to guide our relationship.  And we only gain that trust by sitting down, evaluating your needs vis a vis our professional capabilities to determine if there is a good fit.  

Current Client or not, everything we do or discuss is confidential.  If you are considering moving your business to Gill CPA Services, that’s great.  If your neighbor is a client, you’ll never know unless they tell you. Please call Gill CPA Services to arrange a time to meet on the phone or in person.

Succession Planning

Business succession planning is more than simply getting as much money from the sale of your business when the time comes.  It may not even be about a sale. Succession Planning has many different facets.

Succession planning can be a finely threaded transition that requires strategic direction and skillful execution.
That’s What We Do.   

Have you considered…

  • Who will be your successor?
  • The timing of your transition?
  • How will you treat or utilize the sales funds?
  • What if a family member will be the successor?
  • When or if a business valuation is required?
  • What are terms for the transaction?
  • Will the transaction require financing?

No doubt, if you have a buyer’s offer and it is a cash transaction, many of the questions might already be answered.  But it is often not that easy.  We have helped generations of owners and entrepreneurs make it happen, just like they dreamed!  And for some, it required a little more planning and positioning. We ask the questions, you provide the answers and together we formulate an exit strategy and process geared for success. Period.  But not end of story.  Succession…could be a whole New Beginning! So, let’s talk!