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Individual Account Services

Personal Services from Gill CPA are so much more than simple year-end tax preparation.  Planning begins at the start of the year and just like a business: planning will help dictate your personal tax strategies and outcomes at the end of the year. Many of our clients work with professional financial planners. Our services are geared to tax planning and complement the goals of your professional financial planner. 

The personal financial needs of individuals and families come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and colors.  No one planning strategy is best for everybody.  If you own a business, Gill CPA typically provides both tax services for your company and for you personally.  Quite often we will provide guidance and prepare tax returns for families and their children.

We provide tax preparation services for many clients in other states, including Illinois, Texas, Colorado, California, New York, Minnesota, Kentucky, Michigan and Florida! We can accommodate your state filing needs whether you are based in the St Louis area or another beautiful area of Missouri or the U.S.

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Let Gill CPA professionals guide you through

Individual Planning Process:

Having a proper

Estate Plan & Direction

Reduce taxes and protect your wealth. Benefit from our experience to help review and build your retirement funds, during your retirement years and at asset disbursement to heirs.

Estate & Trust

Tax Preparation

Many of our clients benefit from well-planned gifting to loved ones during their lifetime that can help reduce tax burdens today & tomorrow. This can be a complex process, especially for business owners looking to maintain business continuity and planning for succession.

Pension & Profit

Sharing Plans

If you are the owner of a closely held business or self-employed, certain financial tools can be a significant key to your retirement comfort and longevity. There may be several retirement planning tools like Keoghs, & SEP’s available to you that offer significant tax planning.

the necessary

Legal Documentation

This is key to a clean, executable, & successful retirement plan. Our professional staff can assist you by providing clarity in what documents are necessary to tie you entire Retirement & Estate Plan together. Gill CPA Services can provide guidance during the process when other professionals are needed, including attorneys and professional financial planners.

Tax Planning & Preparation

For medium to high income earners who are looking for guidance that will mitigate tax burdens and provide more available dollars for investment and retirement, Gill CPA professionals have decades of private consulting and guidance experience that will make a positive impact for years to come. We also provide certain levels of estate tax advice, succession planning and personal representation services as well. 

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Retirement & Estate Planning

Executing a Plan…. Probably the one Best Practice you can give yourself is setting up for your retirement.  At Gill CPA Services, our job is to help you find a place of comfort in your retirement, based on your needs and desires.  Some people want to fish at a nearby lake.  Some want to fish in the Atlantic!  Some want to float in a saltwater tank a few blocks from home and some want to cruise in the largest saltwater tanks in the world!  So much depends on your tastes and budget and how taxes could affect both.  And then, if you are fortunate enough, you’ll want direction as to how your beneficiaries benefit from an orderly transfer of your wealth and assets. 

So, think about which saltwater tub you prefer to float in when you are relaxing?!  We can help you achieve which ever you choose!